Maximizing Family Time

Finding quality, focused family time is challenging, especially given the busy schedules of our daily lives. Life is hectic and it’s easy to forget or put the important things aside because other, often less meaningful, things interfere. Giving others your time, especially your children, is one of the greatest gifts; it also comes with some pretty profound benefits. For instance, focused family time has been shown to build self-esteem in children, nurture positive behaviors, relieve stress, and even lengthen lifespans.

It is imperative that we protect and dedicate time explicitly for spending with family, in which we quiet life’s distractions. Often the most memorable family times aren’t expensive trips or experiences that are difficult to access. The most important requirement is that you give your full attention to your family. Some convenient and fun suggestions might be:

  1. Family mealtime. Reserving this time can be an easy adjustment for everyone’s schedules—everyone needs to eat, so why not make that time meaningful. This could become a family event from the selection of the menu, preparing the food and table, serving, eating together, and cleaning up. You might even consider encouraging the whole family to talk about the highs and lows of the day or week during meals.

  2. Sports. Whether it is playing catch in the yard, going to the gym, doing family yoga, or watching your children play or perform, active and positive involvement is rewarding for all involved.

  3. Hobbies such as drawing, crafts, and collecting items can be great for conversation and connection.

  4. Read together! Reading to your children or alongside your adolescent child(ren) for about half an hour before bedtime can be a great way to spend time together. It also helps the whole family to step away from electronics prior to bed enriching the quality of sleep.

  5. Organize a family game night. Board games and cards allow for the family to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Just make sure they’re appropriate for the youngest in your family.

  6. Volunteer. You and your family could identify a cause you would like to make a difference in or an organization you would like to dedicate your time to and make it a family event.

  7. Family Movie Night. Take time to plan snacks and pick a movie the whole family will like.

  8. Learn something new together. Take a painting class or learn how to make a new dish together.

  9. Tech timeout—Turn your phones off!! This helps the whole family give their undivided attention to one another.


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