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Our Intake Process

Where it all begins...

Our intake process begins with you and/or your family’s needs. Call us at 469.640.0846 or complete our online contact form for a free phone consultation. Either Drs. Wilson or Ener will return your call to listen to your concerns and assess your needs. If it is determined during our phone consultation that we are not able to meet your needs, referrals will be provided. 


Following our phone consultation, if it is determined we can meet your needs, we will schedule an intake appointment, in which you will meet with either Drs. Wilson or Ener to discuss your concerns in greater detail. During the intake we can answer questions you might have and will review necessary paperwork/documentation. At the end of your intake appointment,

Drs. Wilson or Ener will provide treatment recommendations. If you feel comfortable with the provided recommendations, follow-up appointments will be scheduled. 

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