This continues to be a stressful and scary time for us all; so much is happening and every day we learn something new and have a whole new set of orders from our officials who are working to help our communities stay healthy and safe. To help do our part in “flattening the curve”, our practice continues to offer tele-mental health for those requesting distances services, meaning we are offering virtual sessions. We have also transitioned back into our offices, more information on our  


Current/Continuing Clients: 

For those working with our clinicians, we have chosen to utilize as our platform for tele-health services. Each clinician will have their own virtual waiting room as noted below. 


For New Clients: 

Reach out to us via phone at 469-640-0846 for a free consultation; we will return your call to listen to your concerns and assess your needs. Following our phone consultation, if it is determined we can meet your needs, we will schedule an intake appointment, in which you will meet with one of our providers to discuss your concerns in greater detail. During the intake we can answer questions you might have and will review necessary paperwork/documentation. At the end of your intake appointment, we will provide treatment recommendations. If you feel comfortable with the provided recommendations, follow-up appointments will be scheduled. All appointments will be facilitated through our online tele-health platform ( 


Some things to keep in mind in regards to tele-health services: 

  • It is important to have a safe and quiet space for counseling sessions

  • Try to avoid external interruptions

  • Consider utilizing headphones to augment audio quality of the tele-health sessions. 

  • If you or your child need to take care of yourself during the scheduled session time (for example, using the restroom or grabbing some water), please leave the device to do this. 

  • Try to find a space that is comfortable: a comfy chair, bean bag, space on the floor

  • For child/adolescent clients, we will ask that parents and caregivers to leave the room, just like you would at our office, to ensure privacy/confidentiality.