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Our Story

Drs. Wilson and Ener met and became close friends while earning their doctoral degrees in counseling at the University of North Texas (UNT). While in the doctoral program, Dr. Wilson served as the Clinical Assistant Director at the Child and Family Resource Clinic (one of UNT’s two counseling clinics) while Dr. Ener served as the Assessment Assistant Director. They worked closely together on a daily basis and knew that it was their dream to one day open their very own counseling practice aimed at helping children and families.


While working at the CFRC, Dr. Wilson had an 8-year-old client whom both she and Dr. Ener worked with in play therapy over several years. This precious little girl lost her father unexpectedly in a tragic accident and worked through her grief process every week in the playroom. One day, while talking with this client’s mother, Dr. Wilson mentioned contemplating names for her soon to be private practice. The little girl’s mother quickly chimed in and stated, “You should name it the Talking Place!” She went on to explain how every Wednesday, this sweet girl would ask her mom as she was picked up from school, “Mom, do we get to go to the talking place today?” And there it was, the Talking Place was born. What a perfect representation of the space we hope to provide to all of our clients; a space where it is safe to talk and play out their feelings, a space that feels like home.

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